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40                                      VEKDICT  ON  INDIA
In spite of the much vaunted 'new approach/ in spite of
Gandhi's soulful proclamations, how many untouchables have
managed to obtain university degrees ? Five hundred ! Five
hundred, in the whole history of Indian Education, in a country
with a population of nearly -iOO million !
Congress, dominated by the Brahmins, has no intention of
changing this situation. It is highly significant that by far the
most sweeping measures to improve the lot of the untouchables
have been made in the States where the Congress writ does not
run. Mysore, for instance, could set an example to the whole
of India.1
If we give way to Congress, the untouchables might as well run
to the nearest village well and hurl themselves into it en masse,
They are forbidden to use it in life; they might as well use it in
Ambedkar said to me that the'Cripps proposals "would have
dealt a death blow to our interests/
Some people challenge Ambedkar's right to leadership. They
would not do so if they had ever attended any of his meetings,
such as the great rally at Xagpur where 75,000 untouchables
acclaimed him with a fervour that even Gandhi might have
Besides, even if he had any competitors—which he has not—
his clear-cut, creative ideas demand the support of all men of
decency and sense. We will end this random survey by a few
sentences from my diary which throw light on those ideas.
Ambedkar said to me :
*The keynote of my policy is that we are not a sub-section of the
Hindus but a separate element in the national life.'           <
* Gandhi says to us ^ Trust us—trust the caste Hindus !" I reply,
** We will not trust you, for you are our hereditary enemies."'
*In every village there is a tiny minority of untouchables. I
want to gather those minorities together and make them into
majorities* This means a tremendous work of organization—
1 The student who would like to know what can be done by a benevolent and
•enlightened ruler should read Harijan Uplift in Mysore, published by the Govern-
nwt Press, Bangalore.                                                                     J